Wednesday, October 1, 2008

spending the evening with ck*

click on the picture for larger view*
the plan was kinda random. we (me n ck) just thought of having dinner since it was Raya break, but was bored of always dining at restaurants, so we decided to cook our own meal. =)
it was super fun shopping with CK, who... was craving for salmon and steak. [He actually bought a packet of salmon fish to indulge while selecting which vege to go for our salad] Somehow the feeling of executing a spontaneous plan seems so exciting. Frankly speaking, I've never really completely cook a full course meal on my own at home (=$ only to realized it after my mom mentioned it...] lol~
then,we went back to CK's place and with the help of chee weng and samantha, we prepared mushroom and potato soup, garlic bread, cheesy sausages, leafy salad, bake potatoes, along with our spicy barbeque marinated STEAK and a good red wine.
we feast hungrily since it was almost 9pm after everything was ready. 
we ended the meal with Ice Creams for desert!!

for the meal, I'd give it a 7/10. the food was good but because we were kinda slow preparing the subsequent dishes, the soup was too cold when we had it. Nevertheless, they'll be next time to improve.
As for the company, the thought of the plan and everything else, 
there's only one word for it...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

thank you for the patience~

I know, Im doing it again!
I realized i tend to update my blog after a long while and chunk everything together.
yes, I'm a slow blogger~ 
but i did told 'cha that i'll TRY to update more frequently once i started college. 

what can i say? i was busy* :$ (I know, busy is never an excuse)
well, technically i was... because classes has started and I'm taking my undergraduate thesis this semester. there was HALO concerts and exams and birthdays to attend.   
but my parents were away for 2 weeks!!! (trip to South Africa - Sun City)
okay, i did spend as much time hanging out and chilling out with friends. *grin*
anyway, here's a song I've been wanting to share. check the lyrics out. it's beautiful*

hope you guys enjoy~ it's really lovely* =)
p/s: i will *cross my heart and hope to ... opps* try to update more frequently. *teehee*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

when u remember your 1st love best*


God created Adams n Eve,
And so are A and B are meant to be,
Life is dull when LOVE is dead,Only u can enlighten my way**
There are so much Love in the air,
Our lives were cherished day by day**
But what is true Love all about?
Only u me will dig it out*
It was 3 years back when u first caught my sight,
Shyness overtook my bravery,
2 years back when I knew u better,
I knew that u are THE ONE**
The adrenaline rush in me,
Encountered the shyness which once took control of me,
I told myself to do whatever I can,
As I don't want to lose this lifetime chance**
LOVE is not LOVE if its simple n plain,
LOVE often has its ups n down,
It is up to u and me,
To go thru these obstacles with the


the past two week has been really packed with activities... but hey, its holiday after all. and it's been fruitful...
1.  Spend super duper quality time with daddy before he left for Hawaii and later Butterworth.

2. baby - sistered the little ones.
little Kristin, Zoe and Ashley*

3. Food, glorious food* =) yummie~ [how to stay fit?? tsk tsk tsk]
@ cafe cafe and tony roma's

4. Halo Forest. [cant get enough of hip hop dancing, singing and acting =D] 
[pic taken before casting] yean - jojo - yiing - angel

5. Shopping and Karaoke-ing =D
kiyoshi - me - jerry

me and my bestest bro* =D

holidays are super duper fun!!! haha... still so much i want to do, but I've got to prepare for college soon. 
i promise ill try to update more often ya* cheers~

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts...

              but those who can still laugh and cry with you no matter how long you've separated... they are called 
thanks to 'Tiff' and facebook, our gathering was a success. It was great seeing 'Pokie' somehow still managed to bully 'Chris' the way it was in form one =) and everyone just enjoying each other's company*  
we should keep this up more often. facebook work wonders!! 
love y'all~

Monday, August 18, 2008

a new day

that marks a new beginning* 
...always remain near to my heart =D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

As i promised, here are the updates of the Miss Malaysia Pageant Grand Final Night.

it begin with an introduction of the 15 finalist in their Traditional Costumes and dance.

That's me in Wilayah Persekutuan Traditional Costume =).

As expected, beauty pageants usually have a section wear the finalist parade in their swim wear,
However instead of the usual catwalk parades, this pageant performed a Musical Play with the theme "Let's Go Green".

oh, as i forgot to mentioned earlier, the stage was beautifully decorated with trees and plants to compliment this year's theme.
We started parading in our batik wear representing the 'Beautiful Colors of Nature' that brightens up our mother earth.

this gives the idea that our natural environment is so beautiful and alive... ...
so pure, that the Eco Angels came out to play.

This was a dance performance by some of the finalist.

then suddenly,
the Eco angels were attacked by the jungle demons with their ever raging stunts and scares. This was performed by Ms. Wendy Tan as she was selected as one of the top 5 to perform her talent.

while the jungle demons were destroying the natural environment and claiming their position on our beautiful mother earth, the head of the Eco Angel stood up to fend for her rights with a singing performance of "colors of the Wind". This was performed by *ME*, also one of the shortlisted talent performance.


chasing the jungle demons away, all the other Eco Angels happily re-joyce!!

and our mother earth was saved! lol~

I have to apologized again to all my dear readers but this story will be continued tonight!! till then peeps* 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

a day to remember

It seems that everyone is making a big hoo-hah on this triple-prosperity day.
but what is so special about it?

Of course it's the world Auspicious day for the Olympic Games 2008!!!

Being the host of the olympic games this year, PR of China had chosen today [08.08.08], as the official date for their opening ceremony celebration.

Reflecting strongly on their national culture, I watched the opening ceremony in awe while munching on pitzas and mom's favourite O' Brian aka OBIEN ceasar salad. I totally could not imagine the amount of manpower and national spirit all combine in a syncronized effort to make this celebration a blast!

Watching thousands of performers dancing, thumping and singing together...keeps me wondering how, in the first place they came up with the choreography!?

They certainly advanced in the use of modern technology especially with the LCD-like flooring, the LED lights and also the fireworks (the running footprints towards the birdnest and the smiley faces)!! yet, they did not fail to perform the art and tradition of their country.

[p/s: did anyone notice the wireless receivers each performers had?? *double wow*]

They definitely deserve a world class salutation!!!  
Congratulation China!!
and to all of you, enjoy watching the olympic games. =)
I've been receiving a lot of SMS-es today, saying 08.08.08 is a special day, as the last time it appeared was 100 years ago.

to me,
everyday is special, because it appears only once in your lifetime.

So, cherish every single day. live as if it is your last